Secretary Statement

James Watt discovered the power of steam. None or only a few around him could then envisage what tremendous change the understanding of the behavior of steam will bring to society . learning to fly was another such event that turned the course of history .these discoveries and the inventions that followed helped man in his action in how he could do things better with greater efficiency .But now we are in the middle of are volition that is not only changing the way we do things but also the way we think. That is the J.T.revoloution.
The country is presently focused on building software Technology & J.T.infrastructure because the computer software is the driving force in the operation of governments ,business ,education and military .most business in the industrialized and the developing world could not compete and many could not survive without the computers and the software .software is gradually becoming a daily part of the lives of individuals ,be it involve management ,commerce ,industry ,banks or research and development organization .a part from the conventional areas of application the computer technology has started invading areas such as process industries ,bio electronics fashion technology advertising and multimedia technology , architecture , entertainment ,computer vision ,natural language processing etc. In fact the areas of application of the computer technology is limited only by human imagination . the need is to prepare ourselves for the new times so that we can intelligently take advantage of the times and improve our position in a technology conscious society.
Shanti Niketan College of Business Management & Computer science will not only equip young minds with the knowledge of the new technology but also provide them a creative edge so that besides giving solution to J.T.problems ,they can think of novel application of the new science .
Shri V. K. Gupta
Hony. Secretary